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Price of the Dragon

Price of the Dragon

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Emperor Geo has called upon you to go to the bandit village of Darkwell to take care of a delicate matter that may pose a considerable threat to The Kegel Empire if not dealt with swiftly. An inside source has disclosed that a dragon has moved into the village. While it would require great magic to do so, if any of the bandits are able to make a pact with the dragon, they could command it to wreak havoc across the land. Emperor Geo wants you to rid Darkwell of the dragon and does not care how you do it. Should you complete this task, he promises to reward you handsomely.


With your purchase, you will receive access to the following PDFs:

  • Price of the Dragon campaign book
  • Fillable Blank Character Sheet

No props are required for this campaign.

For the paperback version of this book, go here and make sure your Adult Filter is turned off:

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