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Core Rulebook and Starter Adventurer

Core Rulebook and Starter Adventurer

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Welcome to Lewd Dungeon Adventures, the game where dying is fun!


But what is Lewd Dungeon Adventures?

Lewd Dungeon Adventures was designed to change the way couples see role-playing in the bedroom. This isn’t your typical naughty nurse or hunky pizza boy fantasy. With Lewd Dungeon Adventures, you will build memories together while also enjoying the fun of playing an actual fully immersive game and challenging yourself to try new acts of intimacy you might not have ever thought of before, some of which are necessary to move the story along.


The Basics

One person takes on the role of a Deity while the other takes on the role of a Hero. The Deity will lead the Hero through a fantasy-based adventure, fighting monsters, exploring, and collecting sweet loot like weapons and spells.

The game is primarily based on a d6 system, but you will also need a few other types for weapon and spell rolls.

Lewd Dungeon Adventures is beginner friendly. While you will find the file details of gameplay in the Core Rulebook, there’s no need to memorize everything, as the Starter Adventure tells you what to do as you follow along. Monster stat blocks are provided on the page they appear on, so there’s no having to flip to the back of the book and search around to find them.



For those who just want to enjoy the gameplay without all the intimacy, Lewd Dungeon Adventures can be completely converted into a drinking game. This is perfect for those who want to take the game after they’ve enjoyed it with their partner and play it with friends. There is also a base game modification for those who do not drink. Players can mix and match gameplay styles throughout their adventures to suit their needs. The most important thing is to have fun!


Starter Adventure Description

While passing through the castle town of Grimeshire, Lord Morgof Vitsk requested your assistance in finding his daughter, Lady Jai. The willful eighteen-year-old has often left the safety of the castle walls to go adventuring in the forest, despite her father’s constant protests and threats of stern reprimanding. Lady Jai cannot seem to be tamed, though, and the last time she ventured out, she did not return.

Though gobblins (yes, that’s spelled correctly) have always dwelled in the forest around Grimeshire, their numbers have increased as of late. Lord Vitsk fears that they may have captured his daughter. His intel suggests that she’s being held captive at an old, abandoned fort. He promises you a handsome reward if you can return Lady Jai to him unharmed.


What's Included

With your purchase, you will receive access to the following PDFs:

  • Color Core Rulebook
  • Color Starter Adventure (The Rescue of Lady Jai)
  • Fillable Blank Character Sheet


For the paperback version of this book, go here and make sure your Adult Filter is turned off:

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