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Give and Take Hideout

Give and Take Hideout

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The water mage Azad Khanna was under consideration to be the next Grand Master Mage for the Kegel Empire, but then Famuhlel Pehe, the dean of The Copper Cove School of Magic, was selected instead.

Angry and bitter, Azad began planning Famuhlel’s assassination, but before he could carry it out, his plans were discovered, and he was forced into hiding.

Emperor Geo has requested the help of a Hero to eliminate the threat. Travel deep into Azad's underground hideout and search for a way into his chamber in this erotic adventure designed for couples.


This campaign includes:

  • 1 full-color map
  • 9 Special Scenarios
  • 7 NSFW illustrations

This adventure does not contain any required or optional props.


With your purchase, you will receive access to the following PDFs:

  • Give and Take Hideout
  • Fillable Blank Character Sheet

For the paperback version of this book, go here and make sure your Adult Filter is turned off:

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