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Fore the Play

Fore the Play

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Welcome to Fore the Play: A foreplay-only campaign from Lewd Dungeon Adventures.


Every year, The Unbound Domain’s most famous acting troupe travels to Kegel Palace to put on a play for Emperor Geo Crapflare. This year, their play is a reenactment of the great mage battle between Hulum the Hurricane and Aderick the All-Powerful that decimated Darkwell.

Hulum is being played by The Meridian Storyteller’s lead actor, an elven heartthrob named Wranven Fargleam, who decided to research his part by visiting Hulum’s old abandoned home, known as The Tower of Watery Illusions.

Weeks passed, and the members of The Meridian Storytellers became nervous that something might have happened to the actor, so they sought out the help of the emperor to send someone after him.

The small squad dispatched to investigate the tower also did not return. Emperor Geo now fears something more nefarious may be afoot and wishes to hire you to rescue Wranven and find out why no one who visits the tower ever returns. 


 This campaign requires the following prop:

  • Low-temperature candles for body wax dripping

With your purchase, you will receive access to the following PDFs:

  • Fore the Play campaign book
  • Fillable Blank Character Sheet

For the paperback version of this book, go here and make sure your Adult Filter is turned off:

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