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12 Days of XXXMas

12 Days of XXXMas

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Winter has come to The Unbound Domain, and the many settlements are celebrating in their own special ways. Gifts are to be given, parties thrown, festive games played, and evil is on the rise as many nefarious creatures come out of hiding to try to snuff out the joy of the holiday season. Will a Hero rise to thwart their plans?

"12 Days of XXXMas" features twelve adventures to be played advent calendar-style, one per day, allowing the Hero and Deity to decide if they want to be naughty or nice. The adventures range from traditional holiday tales to original stories. Most adventures in the book can be played in any order. Collect epic Christmas-themed loot and battle the fierce creatures of winter as you work together to save Wintermas, Yuletide, or, well, you get the point.

As with all Lewd Dungeon Adventures, intimate acts are required to move the story along. There are plenty of creatures to be seduced and sexy adventures to be had. And, for the first time ever, the Hero can gain employment at a brothel to earn items. Will they be a ho ho ho and work their way onto the naughty list? It's up to you to decide in this kinky Christmas-themed campaign book designed to help you stuff your stocking this holiday season.

With your purchase, you will receive a zip file containing the following files:

  • 12 Days of XXXMas PDF
  • Fillable blank character sheet
  • Printable maps and handouts
  • 86-card print-and-play tarot deck of recipes, monsters, and spells
  • Monster sheets
  • NSFW illustration sheets
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