Should You Kickstart Your Project?

I am going to start this with the TLDR answer. Yes. Just yes.

Kickstarter is geared towards creative projects in categories like art, comics, crafts, film & video, games, music, and technology. If you have a physical or digital project, launching a Kickstarter is a great way to assess market viability.

Kickstarter backers are often attracted to projects that offer something new and exciting. To succeed on Kickstarter, your project should have a unique selling proposition or an innovative aspect that distinguishes it from readily available products or services. For my game, Lewd Dungeon Adventures, it is the aspect of taking the game away from the table and incorporating intimate acts to advance the story. I conducted research before launching and couldn't find anything else like it available to a broad market audience.

Before you choose to Kickstart your project, ask yourself:

Does my project offer something new to the market?

Is there a compelling story behind my project that would resonate with potential backers?

Can I demonstrate the uniqueness and potential of my project through a prototype or other compelling evidence? It's important to have at least prototype pictures of your project before you launch. Pictures are one of the biggest selling points on Kickstarter, and no good, reputable advertiser will work with you unless you have numerous pictures on your Kickstarter page.

Please note that Kickstarter does not allow 'Go Fund Me' type projects where you ask for money in exchange for nothing. You actually have to have a product that you're trying to pitch. Think of Kickstarter more like small-scale angel investing. If you are creating a product you're passionate about, you have nothing to lose by launching a Kickstarter as long as you do proper planning regarding setting a funding goal and what it will take to actually produce the product.

Thanks to Kickstarter, I was able to switch careers and start a business I'm passionate about. For product creators, I cannot recommend it highly enough. So, if you've designed a game, a tech gadget, or any other cool physical or digital project, my answer is resoundingly yes. Kickstart it and see what happens.

That's it for today. If there are any questions about Kickstarter, drop them in the comments below. I do pull from the comments to write these articles

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